Kayka Industrial 3-IN-1/30 Máquina Manual Combinada 3 en 1 para Lámina: Cortadora, Dobladora y Roladora de 30" (76 cm.)

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KAKA Industrial 3-IN-1/30 Sheet Metal Brake Overview

KAKA Industrial 30in 3-IN-1 sheet metal machine combine three different functions into one. In terms of the shear, it can be used for cutting multiple different materials, such as mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, lead, plastic and zinc. Regarding the brake, this sheet metal brake is equipped with easily removable fingers, which enables more flexibility during your operation. The part of rolling machine is designed to have more precision; the maximum rolling thickness is 0.04" and the minimum-rolling diameter is 1-1/2".

Are You Ready to Possess a High Capacity, High Flexibility and Precision All-in-One Brakes, Shears and Slip Roll Machine?

KAKA Industrial 30" All-for-One machine has the capacity up to 20 gauge mild steel and 16 gauge aluminum in widths up to 30-inches wide. This combination sheet metal machine has has a maximum bend angle of 90 degrees with adjustable fingers on the top beam to easily assist with making any size boxes.


    1. Ideal combination machine for sheet metal machining to length of 30" and thickness of 1/25" cutting stop
    2. Roll bending starting with diameter of 1 1/2"
    3. Folding with max. Angle of 90°
    4. Adjustable Back Gauge
    5. Heavy Cast Iron Frame
    6. Spring Loaded Sheet Hold Down


    • Item No.171003
    • Model3-IN-1/30
    • Bed width (in)30"
    • Max. shearing thickness: 20Ga.
    • Max. bending thickness: 20Ga.
    • Max. Bending angle90°
    • Max. Rolling thickness (in): 20Ga.
    • Min. Rolling dia.1.53"
    • Packing size (in)39x18x29
    • N.W. / G.W. (lbs)300/315